Clear® is an online platform where different participants share information, monitor the process of auditing and evaluates the progress of single or a group of locations. 



In the situation that there is no structure in your “insurance landscape” other then what is provided to you by brokers and insurers you can have doubts whether your insurance are in line with your business strategy. In some situation it is enough to request your or another broker to perform some research, but sometimes it is not enough. 



Risk Engineering is done for decades, mostly executed by Risk Engineers of insurance companies. The goal of Risk Engineering is often to minimize the physical damage and business interruption. 



Climbel has many years of experience in performing (insurance based) surveys focussed on property damage and business interruption. Over the years we have seen almost every type of risk, but our real strength is in the way we work together with your client to find the best solution for ALL those involved.



In the past five to ten years we got more and more interested in the possibilities of Big Data for the insurance industry. We are already able to analyse current portfolio’s, provide crucial accumulation information in a way no insurance company does. 



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