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ATEX – Atmosphere Explosible


An explosion risk can be present in your company due to the existence of a certain gas or dust. 

Since 2003 companies are legally obliged to have an explosion safety document and comply with the guidelines of ATEX 114 and ATEX 153. In The Netherlands these are implemented in the Arbo-, and Ce-legislation.

Climbel engineers can assist you to comply with these standards, reduce the risk of an explosion and improve your continuity. 

As Climbel we offer a service to cope with the risk of explosion in your company.


Basic approach 

- Quick scan - inventory of the scope of the explosion risk

- Initial survey - inventory of risks, measurements and omissions

- Explosion Protection Document - documentation of risks and measurements

Extension with service agreement

- Ad hoc advise in case of questions, new machinery, etc

- Periodical visit 

- 3-yearly update Explosion Protection Document

For question or a quotation you can send an e-mail or contact one of our Teammembers.

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