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CLAM – Climbel Advanced Portfolio Management


In the past five to ten years we got more and more interested in the possibilities of Big Data for the insurance industry. We are already able to analyse current portfolio’s, provide crucial accumulation information in a way no insurance company does. We are able to gather relevant risk information, match them with the exact insured location and if you want we combine this with your own information, to make a solid analysis for several purposes, like:


  • Avoiding unwanted accumulation

  • Influence your loss expectancies

  • Help to your commercial goals

  • Reduce re-insurance premium

  • Protect your capacity

  • Improve your administration

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Postal address: Gerrit Achterberglaan 6, 3454 VT  De Meern, The Netherlands

Visiting address: Tussenlanen 11, 28,61 CB Bergambacht, The Netherlands

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