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CARE – Climbel Acting Risk and Insurance Management for Enterprises


In the situation that there is no structure in your “insurance landscape” other then what is provided to you by brokers and insurers you can have doubts whether your insurance are in line with your business strategy. In some situation it is enough to request your or another broker to perform some research, but sometimes it is not enough.


Climbel can act as insurance manager, learning about your company, the operational risk, clarify the current situation, set goals and work out an approach to bring long-term structure.


Often is Strategic Risk Engineering an important step to take when you want to bring structure in your insurances, because insurances cover the risk, that you don’t want or can’t take.

In that situation it is important that you have a very clear knowledge of your “risk appetite” and what you do to manage this.


Because we are a well trusted party for the majority of (international) insurance companies, we can interact with them, fully independent and still able to achieve clear understanding between the wishes of our clients and the standards of insurance companies.

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